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About us   

    Zhejiang Aushidian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 ,our company is located in a national Ocean Entrepreneurship Park. Ausut is a research , development and production of exposure machine. The software and hardware of exposure machine are designed by ourselves,and have obtained Dozens of patent. We have produced  LED Collimated Exposure units 、LED Semi automatic exposure units、LED  large -area exposure units etc.
  We not only have doctors, masters and a large number of highly educated technical engineers,but also have more experienced engineers and technical workers,  they have  installed  all kinds  of  exposure machine for ten years  , the UV-LED exposure machine have  many advantages: it improve the resolution and throughput about 20% 、and save  the power of machine about 80%, ortherwise the life of  UV-LED is the 20% hours.
  The best quality of machine must be accepted by the consumers. To make the exposure machine reliable and consistence.We not only have high standards and strict requirements on the  producing and detecting system,but also take ISO9000 quality system as the core of quality management.
   “Honesty is the best policy”,we have  established  branches offices in Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other Intensive users regional..when the customers have some demands,the service  engineers will get to the costomer  forctory as fast as possible
  Let us take the professional services, to create greater value for our customers. 



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